Get more out of life with dietX’treme


In our program, we make sure that you “do not” turn health and fitness into a full-time job!


Nothing feels worse than juggling between dieting and gymming, (especially when you have put in hours, days, maybe months into it) aiming for the life-transforming freedom that you aspired for .. but then, watch it slip through your grasp over a period of time .. Explored every angle from “eat less, move more” to hormonal issues, to diets that offer a metabolic advantage? .. Wondering why you could’nt sustain it? We have all been there .. The sustainable solution is NOT “caloric deficit dieting” and “cardio” .. 


Weight loss is a “good side effect” of a healthy lifestyle, which is something we all aim for! What if you could move beyond the “Insta-inspired body” or the “Pre-wedding weight loss” goal, to something truly meaningful and doable, and even more beneficial? After all, what happens to the “Insta-inspired body” once you are off your routine, or your “pre-wedding weight loss”, by the 5th wedding anniversary? Well, most of us are left with amazing memories and pictures from the past .. but that’s not what we want ..


If you have ever felt like your efforts to lose weight/body fat or transform your body are not working, despite “giving it your best shot”, this programme is for you!! 


A four pronged programme of human biochemistry for body transformation –

o   Energy Balance ~ food and Nutrition!
o   Alpha-Lean ~ be alpha, be lean!
o   Evolution ~ style and grooming!
o   Reverse Engineering ~ look young and feel young!

This program is 100% customised, aimed at long term sustainability and focuses on personal coaching/improving your food psychology, by helping you to understand and develop a meal plan which is best for you (in terms of availability of recipes and great taste with homemade food) .. So by debunking myths and guiding you on what science really says, we help you by tweaking your meal plan and working around it. It’s your food, our way! You deserve to feel incredible about your physique/figure – this program will get you there! 

Just…some super complicated science, turned into easy to follow instructions !!



P.S – Having a “gym body” is not necessarily the same as having a “healthy body”. We are into consulting for holistic wellness and body transformation, be it losing weight or packing on lean muscle .. (as per client’s aspiration)


And .. By reading this, you have done 90% of the work! .. CONTACT US!


This is regarding my experience with the Diet X’Treme program designed and implemented by Anirudh. Anirudh understood my existing eating, fitness & overall lifestyle pattern and then formulated a customised and a very doable plan for me to follow. When I say doable, that is the most important part of it. Sticking to a particular fitness or health regime, like most other people, is a big task for me. After following his system for more than one year, I feel healthier, more active and of course happier. His philosophy of “No gym, no soup, no boiled veggies, no supplements” may seem unbelievable at first but you may just want to wait for the results! 

~ Paras Trehan


Anirudh and I were colleagues back in 2016 when I was quite heavy. I was facing a problem of obesity since childhood and it increased after I joined corporate. My lifestyle and food habits were really bad and I was continuously gaining weight. I was 120 Kgs plus at one point in time and stopped checking my weight as it used to give me negative vibes. Then, one day I got to know from Anirudh that he reduced his weight from 95Kgs to 72 Kgs within a span of six months and that too without doing too much exercise and Gym. He guided me professionally and I changed my eating habits in a due course of time. The change was quite easy for me as I didn’t reduce my diet or didn’t eat boring healthy food. I just started eating homemade food with a little change and that worked out well. When I saw my weight getting reduced on a weekly basis, it was magic to me. Now I have reduced 30 Kgs of weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. Anirudh taught me how to live a healthy life which will help me to sustain my current weight levels.

~ Aditya Khatri