The Diet X’Treme – Creation of Anirudh Krishnan

About – Anirudh Krishnan

Anirudh has worked in the investment banking/finance industry for about 14 years. After parting ways with the corporate world, he got certified in exercise nutrition and also gained extensive understanding and knowledge in human biochemistry. With over 7000 hours of research on real world clinical trials (not self-conducted) and self-initiated study in the field, he makes it super easy for his clients to attain their personal health goals. He himself has lost over 35 kgs, a few years back, in approximately 10 months (of course without dieting and gym).


Anirudh’s motto is – “No gym, no soup, no boiled veggies, no supplements/medicines!”


Anirudh’s thorough research and knowledge of human bio-chemistry, muscle anatomy and function, makes him stand apart from most other lifestyle mentors. He prepares his clients to apply some ‘often-never-before-heard-of’ scientific aspects, which make it super easy for his clients to get to their goals.. also .. he is so not a gym freak, he likes lying down on the sofa and watching TV too .. (without chips and soda though)


Anirudh’s message for everyone ..

Just like high blood sugar (in type-2 diabetes), gaining weight (body fat) is not “the problem”, it’s a “symptom of an underlying problem”. If you aim for good health, you will of course lose that extra body fat and achieve so much more in terms of long-term sustainable fitness! Anirudh realises that not everyone aspires to have the perfect body, but most people want to be leaner, fitter and more energetic than they already are, while being able to carry on with their hectic work schedules.


Bottom line ..

.. is that Anirudh and Diet X’Treme don’t sell any ‘third party products’ – instead, we sell ‘Confidence’. Losing body fat is just half the task .. We want you to achieve more than “just weight loss” through this four pronged programme! If you too wish to have a fit, lean body, then it’s time to step inside the world of Diet X’Treme, to unlock your true potential and get more out of life than you ever dreamed possible ..


Like many other women, I was struggling to lose the post pregnancy weight. With a diagnosis of Hypothyroidism it seemed nearly impossible to loose the weight. Besides that I had anxiety, mood swings, depression, sugar cravings and weight accumulation mostly in the lower body. Being a dietitian myself, I knew that I was eating healthy and exercising as required but still would not loose as much as I wanted to. All my labs always came out to be in a normal range and it was hard to figure out what else can I do..?
My sister in law introduced me to Anirudh. We did not meet personally yet as I live in United States. We got connected on whatsapp and he introduced me to the concept of certain foods, that can resist weight loss, no matter how much you watch your “calories in and out”. Based on my symptoms he suggested me to start of by adding some foods, eliminating foods that do not suit me (which cause weight loss resistance) and also added more vegetables in my meals, through his nutritious recipes he shared with me. I saw a lot of improvement thereafter in my mood, no more sugar cravings( major one), lost over 15 pounds in one and half months and still going strong. 

Anirudh has the extensive knowledge in biochemistry and passion to help others in improving their overall health and lifestyle through a balanced diet. He knows what is a myth and whats the truth when it comes to food and nutrition. We still work together and he introduces now and then foods that can help with further weight loss. I cannot predict how much will I loose in another 6 months but I am happy things are going in the right direction. Thank you Anirudh🙂

~ Ritika Salecha