Let’s take up some common topics .. (It’s not what you think)

“An apple pie a day, does’nt keep the doctor away”

The human body is the most sophisticated chemistry lab, in which standard formulas don’t necessarily work. Any change in the body, good or bad, depends on a person’s metabolism, lifestyle, habits etc.


Let’s look at some commonly understood beliefs:


I want to eat properly, I cannot be on a diet, calorie counting is tough ..

This programme is not about crash/yo-yo dieting! We hate calorie counting too! And it’s hard, it’s time consuming and irritating! Argghhhh.. our program does not make you count calories, it’s not required!


Diets work as long as you are on them .. Can you stay on a diet forever? What does your experience tell you? Are you missing something here?

By going on a calorific-deficit diet, you slow down your metabolism – resting energy expenditure, and you are bound to gain back that weight. The 3 macro nutrients – Carbs, Protein and Fat, are equally important. When you finish your meal, we want your tummy to be full! 

Also, does it seem like a great idea to switch to brown bread or brown rice? In our opinion, this is really ineffective. Start from the basics .. Btw .. We do not sell food or meal plans, you eat your food, our way!


I’m on a super healthy diet and I have fruit juice for breakfast and for snacks, I have fresh fruits, instead of regular meals .. Are you actually on a path to fat loss?

Fructose does not function like other sugars (like glucose). If your blood sugar is normal, the liver will turn it to fat! Fruits are healthy given their fibre matrix, no doubt! Ever heard of ATP trapping? Eat the required amount, in the right form!


How far do “family health history” influence your health? Is it necessary that a chronic condition “that runs in the family” will also affect you? Do you have to just be a mute spectator to such so-called “inevitable” stuff or can you do something about them?

There are 2 types of genes, you may think of them as, dictator and committee genes. You cannot change your eye colour or hair colour naturally, but most aspects of health are in your control! The conditions we worry about are influenced by committee genes, hence in your control! Let’s discuss this in detail ..


Food allergy and food intolerance are two very different things. I may not be allergic to particular foods, but might be intolerant. How can you tell the difference? How can you eat healthy and still not have cravings?

Food intolerance has symptoms such as gas and bloating, fatigue, headaches, joint and muscle pain, weight loss resistance, food cravings, brain fog and moodiness, acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis etc. Got any? Worth finding out? 


Everyone says “join a gym” – you’ll be fine. Really? Maybe you don’t have the time to be a “gym fanatic” and can still be healthy and maintain a good weight .. Are physical limitations or maybe some family responsibilities stopping you?

We totally understand, just stay 50% disciplined as compared to any other regime .. easy stuff .. no gym required! The science that is applied in our program, makes it possible!

I eat healthy! I even take vitamin and mineral supplements .. Good to know! How about you also look for ways to strengthen your system?

Most people do not even know if they are actually deficient in some parameter or the other! By taking external supplements (even natural ones), over time, you deprive your body’s capability of maintaining that intricate balance. It’s like using a crutch when you don’t need one. The point is, supplement only if required after a medical examination! Best to get it from food. Unless it’s Vitamin B12 or others which we cannot make .. Let’s discuss this in detail ..


I need to eliminate carbs and go for a high protein diet – a protein rich diet is the key!

Carbs are important! Eat good/complex carbs! If you have a pretty much sedentary lifestyle, even a high protein meal will not help you much, don’t trouble your liver, you will still gain body fat/weight ..


It’s tough building lean muscle on a vegetarian diet.. I need supplements.. Myths like “proteins = non vegetarian food” need to be seriously questioned ..

We’re not biased to any kind of meals (Veg, Non-Veg, Vegan etc), but if your knowledge on amino acids is good enough (we have that part cut out for you), you do not need to alter your meal plans i.e having non-vegetarian meals. In our opinion, you need to relax to have a good physique! You can get all the protein you need from a vegan/vegetarian diet too!


Cardio is best for weight loss. Seriously? Cardio for everyone?

For a short-term outlook, yes! Free from risk of injuries? .. maybe! what’s the best for you? .. let’s discuss! We don’t want our clients to run throughout their lives to maintain their weight .. well, do you?


Let the real science do the work for you and get you the amazing results you “DESERVE”…. !!


To know how your food communicates with your cells and for a step by step guidance … you are where you should be .. CONTACT US!